‘Music as A Force for Gorilla Conservation’

The Gorilla Collective is a non-profit environmental conservation initiative that represents a group of artists & DJs from all around the world coming together in support of cultural and wildlife conservation in Bwindi, Uganda | Home of the famous Mountain Gorillas.

Preserving our precious wildlife, indigenous cultures, and natural resources are essential to leaving the world better than we found it for the next generations to appreciate.


Mountain Gorillas in Existance (2019)

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Mountain Gorillas in Uganda (UWA)

These gorillas are an endangered species & constantly under attack by poachers and so we came together and started the Gorilla Collective; an initiative to promote wildlife and culture conservation through various promotional & fundraiser events in order to create awareness and raise funds for these endangered species & indigenous cultures.

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Money Raised for Cultural and Wildlife Conservation by the Gorilla Collective

All proceeds go towards supporting conservation initiatives by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Conservation Initiatives
Builiding Fencing for National Parks
Cleaning Waterways
Establishing Plastic Recylcing Zones within Parks
Supporting the Indigenous Batwa Community
Promoting Eco/Sustainable Tourism
...many more to come

Dates: October 16, 17, 18

#4Rafiki Virtual Fundraiser Festival

On June 12th 2020, we we're saddened to hear about the murder of Rafiki, Nkuringo's Silverback Gorilla in Bwindi, Uganda.

Join us on October 16th, 17, & 18th 2020, in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority in the efforts to raise awareness and support to conserve these precious & endangered animals.


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